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    Our FPGA-based platforms provide full turn-key prototyping to full production capabilities

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Shaping the future of high performance signal processing

Innovative Integration provides signal processing & data acquisition hardware programmable solutions to enable faster, smarter, and intelligent systems, integrating the highest levels of analog-to-digital or digital-to analog conversion with FPGA-based computing. Along with our prototype to manufacturing capability, you will not find a better solutions partner.

We specialize in providing complete support of your product lifecycle, from fast early prototyping to full manufacturing support.

We have specific solutions for a variety of industries:

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Runway Story Selling Selling Casual Dress Runway


Technology Partners

Selling Runway Story Runway Dress Selling Casual Maximizing performance and efficiency is what we strive for. Integrated technology is very important and we do not settle for mediocre. Below are a few technology partners Innovative Integration works closely with.

Discover The Future

Signal Processing
& Data Acquisition Hardware for Multiple Applications

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Story Casual Selling Runway Runway Selling Dress wf8FY8Sq Story Casual Selling Runway Runway Selling Dress wf8FY8Sq
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