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Works across all platforms
Increasingly features

Works on product pages, checkout & email

Increase your average order value by 12%.

Our bundles integrate seamlessly with your product pages, the check out & order confirmation emails to give you maximum sales potential.

Understands impulse
& affordability

How about a new laptop with that bag?

Your users have budgets even when acting impulsively. We pick the bundle products by carefully measuring intent using a proprietary affordability algorithm.

Superior user experience
& relevance

Neck Character 3D Tee Round Abstract Planet Printed Short Sleeve

Fancy a new frying pan with those new shoes?

Cardigan Maurices Maurices Boutique Boutique Cardigan Boutique Boutique Maurices Cardigan xBnAUwqZ

Our technology has been built with relevance at its core. Our bundles enhance the journey of your users.

Lucky Boutique Brand Boutique Brand Lucky Cardigan Cardigan HSzwx5

Continuously optimised

When your catalogue changes, so do your bundles.

We continuously A/B test the bundles to include new products & show the best performing bundles.

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Bundles in Shopping feeds

Integrate our bundles into your product lists feeds.

Push your product bundles into Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces automatically.

Responsive user experience

Sleeve Neck Character Abstract 3D Printed Tee Planet Round Short

Responsive user experience

In any event, you can rest easy knowing that we work fine on mobiles, tablets or any other devices.

Go live with Increasingly today

Pay as you go, Pay as we grow

No fixed fees or recurring charges. You pay us a percentage of revenue that we helped you generate. That's it!

What's more, we can take your average order value up by 12%.

Go Live Fast

Planet Abstract Neck 3D Short Printed Tee Sleeve Round Character Tag on site. Product Feed. Historic Data. Good to go.

Now we train the machine learning bundles and get you setup fast!

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Trackable and verifiable results

Get all your stats in our dashboard.

See the data on how we help you grow. Add tracking URLs if you wish to independently verify data.

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