Wed, 22 Oct 2014
9:01 PM

The Man of your dreams at the touch of a button!

"Her" and "Weird Science" face off with “Sex and the City”
- A high concept fantasy comedy

Written, Directed, and Produced by Holly Adams
Co-written by Jamila Colozzi and Michele Gianelli

Technophile bombshell Alex Sparx creates the "Man-App," a phone application that instantly delivers the man of her dreams at the touch of a button.

But the lines between fantasy and reality become increasingly blurred as the apps threaten to change humanity forever.

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Holly Adams

Writer, Director, Producer
Lotus Eye Productions, LLC

“It’s as if Bewitched and Weird Science had a three-way with Tinder and the result was an illegitimate child with unidentifiable birth parents.”
-"Find handy man with new Man-App" by Dan Gutierrez, Local iQ

"This is so bawdy... I love it!" -Steven J. Westman (Local IQ writer)

"I love the technological mash up!" -Larry Ahrens (Morning Brew TV Host)

"This has to be a hit!" -Linda Lou Taylor

"Clever, funny, polished production, kickass concept!" -Allan Edgar

"Dial a man? Cool concept, very funny!" -Randall Harlan

"Absolute hilarity." -Kim Trujillo

"Wicked cool... Life as I know it will now never be the same... and I am so glad for that!" -Kathi Papaleo

"Heel-arious!" -Macario Juarez